Monday, May 21, 2012

Nipper Issue No. 1!

Nipper issue one went on sale on Saturday 31st January 1987 for 28p, two pence more than other Fleetway comic at the time. Unlike other comics which went on sale a week earlier than their cover date, Nipper (at least according to the advert in the free preview comic) actually went on sale on January 31st.


1: Nipper, Full Colour, Artist: Gordon Bell
2: Nipper (cont.), Full Colour
3: Nipper (cont.), Full Colour, and half page welcome letter, full colour by Gordon Bell
4: Brad Break, Black and White, Artist: Steve Bright
5: Brad Break (cont.), Black and White
6: fLapper, Full Colour, Artist: Gordon Bell
7: fLapper (cont.), Full Colour
8: Magic Trainers (cont.), Black and White, Artist: Unknown (same artist as for Wonder Boy on page 16 - 17)
9: Magic Trainers (cont.), Black and White
10: Kelpie's Kingdom, Part Colour, Artist: Unknown
11: Kelpie's Kingdom (cont.), Part Colour 
12: Kelpie's Kingdom (cont.), Black and White
13: Advertisement for Weetabix cereal with free gift (stickers with stand up cards), Full Colour
14: Blaster and Bignoise!, Black and White, Artist: Clive Hanning
15: Blaster and Bignoise! (cont.), Black and White
16: Wonder Boy, Full Colour, Artist: Roy Mitchell
17: Wonder Boy (cont.), Full Colour
18: Double Trouble, Black and White, Artist: Terry Bave
19: The Savers, Black and White, Artist: Mark Bennington
20: The Savers (cont.), Black and White
21: The Savers (cont.), Black and White
22: The Savers (cont.), Black and White
23: Advertisement for free sweets with No. 2 of Nipper, Full Colour
24: Ricky Rainbow, Full Colour, Artist: Jimmy Hansen
25: Ricky Rainbow (cont.), Full Colour
26: Strongarm - Command Kart, Black and White, Artist: Mike Lacey
27: Strongarm - Command Kart (cont.), Black and White
28: Strongarm - Command Kart (cont.), Black and White
29: Frankie's Flashlight, Full Colour, Artist: Unknown
30: Frankie's Flashlight (cont.), Full Colour
31: Frankie's Flashlight (cont.), Full Colour
32: Roys Toys, Black and White, Artist: Sid Burgon
33: Roys Toys (cont.), Black and White
34: Mighty Mouth, Black and White, Artist: Terry Bave
35: Mighty Mouth (cont.), Black and White, and advert for 'Treasure Hunt' in Buster and Whizzer and Chips, Black and White.
36: My 'Dad' Mum, Full Colour, Artist: Anthony Hutchings
37: My 'Dad' Mum (cont.), Full Colour
38: Advertisement to sign up for Nipper's Register, Black and White
39: James Pond (cont.), Full Colour, Artist: Unknown
40: James Pond (cont.), Full Colour
41: James Pond (cont.), Full Colour
42: School Funds, Black and White, Artist: Sid Burgon
43: School Funds (cont.), Balck and White
44: First Time Fred, Full Colour, Artist: David Jones
45: Selection of advertisements, two for stamps, one for pranks
46: Felix the Pussycat (cont.), Full Colour, Artist: Tom Paterson
47: Felix the Pussycat (cont.), Full Colour
48: Felix the Pussycat (cont.), Full Colour

Issue one came with a pack (presumably a very small one) of Anglo Bellamy Wilkinson "Childrens Mix" sweets. Issue two and five also came with this gift, but unusually issue three didn't come with a gift at all!

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