Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nipper Character Profiles: The Mini Monks

The Mini Monks were a group of monks living in the magical land of Ping Pong Po. And theres one thing they all hate - noise! But noise is constantly annoying them, and they'll do whatever it takes to stop it!

They only appeared in the 1988 annual, and had four three page stories, two of which were in full colour. The artist was Mike Higgs.

Nipper Character Profiles: Kidder

Kidder is always tricking his friend into believing stupid things, and in this strip he makes him think that an invisble man opens them!

Kidder made only one appearence in Nipper, in the 1988 annual. He had two full colour pages. I am unsure who the artist is, any help would be appreciated.

Nipper Issue No. 2!

The second issue of Nipper went on sale on 14th Febuary 1987, and cost 28p. Like the first issue, it also came with a packet of Anglo Bellamy Wilkinson Midget Gems! This was, of course, only avaliable to U.K. readers, and those poor overseas readers had to go without.


1: Nipper, Full colour, Artist: Gordon Bell
2: Frankie's Flashlight, Full Colour, Artist: Unknown
3: Frankie's Flashlight (cont.), Full Colour
4: Brad Break, Black and White, Artist: Steve Bright
5: Brad Break (cont.), Black and White
6: fLapper, Full Colour, Artist: Gordon Bell
7: fLapper (cont.), Full Colour
8: Felix the Pussycat, Black and White, Artist: Tom Paterson
9: Felix the Pussycat (cont.), Black and White
10: Kelpie's Kingdom, Full Colour, Artist: Unknown
11: Kelpie's Kingdom (cont.), Full Colour
12: Kelpie's Kingdom (cont.), Full Colour
13: Advert: Sign up now for Nipper's Register, Black and White
14: Strongarm Command Kart, Black and White, Artist: Mike Lacey
15: Strongarm Commannd Kart (cont.), Black and White
16: Wonder Boy, Full Colour, Artist: Roy Mitchell
17: Wonder Boy (cont.), Full Colour
18: Mighty Mouth, Black and White, Artist: Terry Bave
19: Mighty Mouth (cont.), Black and White
20: The Savers, Black and White, Artist: Mark Bennington
21: The Savers (cont.), Black and White
22: The Savers (cont.), Black and White
23: The Savers (cont.), Black and White
24: Ricky Rainbow, Full Colour, Artist: Jimmy Hansen
25: Ricky Rainbow (cont.), Full Colour
26: Magic Trainers, Black and White, Artist: Unknown
27: Magic Trainers (cont.), Black and White
28: First Time Fred, Full Colour, Artist: David Jones
29: James Pond, Full Colour, Artist: Unknown
30: James Pond (cont.), Full Colour
31: James Pond (cont.), Full Colour
32: Nursery Crimes, Black and White, Artist: Frank McDiarmid 
33: Nursery Crimes (cont.), Black and White and half page adverts - two adverts - both for stamps
34: Blaster and Bignoise!, Black and White, Artist: Clive Hanning
35: Blaster and Bignoise! (cont.), Black and White and advert for Tresure Hunt games in Buster and Whizzer and Chips
36: My 'Dad' Mum, Full Colour, Artist: Anthony Hutchings
37: My 'Dad' Mum (cont.), Full Colour
38: Double Trouble, Black and White, Artist: Terry Bave
39: Sweeping Beauty and her Ugly (and lazy) Sisters, Full Colour, Artist: Unknown
40: Sweeping Beauty and her Ugly (and lazy) Sisters (cont.), Full Colour
41: Sweeping Beauty and her Ugly (and lazy) Sisters (cont.), Full Colour
42: School Funds, Black and White, Artist: Sid Burgon
43: School Funds (cont.), Black and White
44: Will and Bill, Black and White, Artist: Frank McDiarmid
45: Will and Bill (cont.), Black and White
46: Roys Toys, Full Colour, Artist: Sid Burgon
47: Roys Toys (cont.), Full Colour
48: Nipper (cont. from front cover), Full Colour