Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nipper Issue No. 2!

The second issue of Nipper went on sale on 14th Febuary 1987, and cost 28p. Like the first issue, it also came with a packet of Anglo Bellamy Wilkinson Midget Gems! This was, of course, only avaliable to U.K. readers, and those poor overseas readers had to go without.


1: Nipper, Full colour, Artist: Gordon Bell
2: Frankie's Flashlight, Full Colour, Artist: Unknown
3: Frankie's Flashlight (cont.), Full Colour
4: Brad Break, Black and White, Artist: Steve Bright
5: Brad Break (cont.), Black and White
6: fLapper, Full Colour, Artist: Gordon Bell
7: fLapper (cont.), Full Colour
8: Felix the Pussycat, Black and White, Artist: Tom Paterson
9: Felix the Pussycat (cont.), Black and White
10: Kelpie's Kingdom, Full Colour, Artist: Unknown
11: Kelpie's Kingdom (cont.), Full Colour
12: Kelpie's Kingdom (cont.), Full Colour
13: Advert: Sign up now for Nipper's Register, Black and White
14: Strongarm Command Kart, Black and White, Artist: Mike Lacey
15: Strongarm Commannd Kart (cont.), Black and White
16: Wonder Boy, Full Colour, Artist: Roy Mitchell
17: Wonder Boy (cont.), Full Colour
18: Mighty Mouth, Black and White, Artist: Terry Bave
19: Mighty Mouth (cont.), Black and White
20: The Savers, Black and White, Artist: Mark Bennington
21: The Savers (cont.), Black and White
22: The Savers (cont.), Black and White
23: The Savers (cont.), Black and White
24: Ricky Rainbow, Full Colour, Artist: Jimmy Hansen
25: Ricky Rainbow (cont.), Full Colour
26: Magic Trainers, Black and White, Artist: Unknown
27: Magic Trainers (cont.), Black and White
28: First Time Fred, Full Colour, Artist: David Jones
29: James Pond, Full Colour, Artist: Unknown
30: James Pond (cont.), Full Colour
31: James Pond (cont.), Full Colour
32: Nursery Crimes, Black and White, Artist: Frank McDiarmid 
33: Nursery Crimes (cont.), Black and White and half page adverts - two adverts - both for stamps
34: Blaster and Bignoise!, Black and White, Artist: Clive Hanning
35: Blaster and Bignoise! (cont.), Black and White and advert for Tresure Hunt games in Buster and Whizzer and Chips
36: My 'Dad' Mum, Full Colour, Artist: Anthony Hutchings
37: My 'Dad' Mum (cont.), Full Colour
38: Double Trouble, Black and White, Artist: Terry Bave
39: Sweeping Beauty and her Ugly (and lazy) Sisters, Full Colour, Artist: Unknown
40: Sweeping Beauty and her Ugly (and lazy) Sisters (cont.), Full Colour
41: Sweeping Beauty and her Ugly (and lazy) Sisters (cont.), Full Colour
42: School Funds, Black and White, Artist: Sid Burgon
43: School Funds (cont.), Black and White
44: Will and Bill, Black and White, Artist: Frank McDiarmid
45: Will and Bill (cont.), Black and White
46: Roys Toys, Full Colour, Artist: Sid Burgon
47: Roys Toys (cont.), Full Colour
48: Nipper (cont. from front cover), Full Colour

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