Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nipper Character Profiles: Felix the Pussycat

Felix the Pussycat was, of course, based on Felix the Cat, and the hilarious adventures of one boy and his cat shaped pjyama case were illustrated by the fantastic Tom Paterson.

In the original comic (that's the run where it was it's original A5 size, from issues 1 - 5), Felix had three pages (including the back cover in issue #1). It appeared in full colour in issue No. 1, No. 4 and No.5, and was then returned to black and white with the resize in issue No. 6, as well as been reduced to just one page.

No. Of Comic Strips in Preview Comic0
No. Of Comic Strips in Fortnightly16
No. Of Comic Strips in Holiday Special2
No. Of Comic Strips in Annual2

Total No. Of Comic Strips20

No. Of Pages in Preview Comic0
No. Of Pages in Fortnightly21
No. Of Pages in Holiday Special3
No. Of Pages in Annual3

Total No. Of Pages27

Felix didn't survive the merge into Buster, and as a farewell Tom Paterson signed his final strip with a 'Ta-Ta!' after his name!

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