Friday, May 4, 2012

Advertisement Comic (Part 2)

Usually, to advertise comics, 4 page flyers would be given away in other titles. But a whole free comic was something special, and only a few comics had these instead of flyers. Eagle had one in 1950, Oink in 1986 and more recently The Phoenix had one in late 2011.

The comic only had half the amount of pages as the actual fortnighlty edition, which may have confused readers, since 28p for a tiny 24 page comic wasn't good value for money, since you could buy other titles such as Buster and Whizzer and Chips for 2p less. Nipper was printed on glossy magazine paper, however (the same type as Oink!).

Oink on the other hand was 30p, 4p more than Buster! This free preview issue also given away free with comics, was the same size as the actual thing. But when it was launched Nipper was 48 pages for 28p.

There were 4 pages of advertisements around the centre pages in this comic. The first one was on page 11, and it was an ad to 'Sign Up For Nipper's Register'. Nipper's Register was the chance for you to win £10! All you had to do was send off your details, and you'd get a special number. If your number was picked you could win (more details at a later date). This ad was in full colour.

The centre spread was a two page, full colour advertisement for Nipper No. 1, with illustration by what looks like Gordon Bell. It had a description of all the new characters you could meet (no names yet), plus news of a free gift!

The free gift in question got a full colour advertisement over the page, and it was a free bag of Anglo Bellamy Wilkinson "Children's Mix" sweets! As with most other gifts, this was only avaliable in the U.K.

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