Saturday, May 5, 2012

Nipper Character Profiles: Nipper!

Nipper was the star of the comic! Our fun little lad was always having lots of fun, but things didn't always go the way he wanted them to! Illustrated by Gordon Bell, Nipper appeared on every cover of Nipper, except for #15 and #16. He appeared in a full colour comic strip in every issue (except the Holiday Special), and went on to continue in Buster, where he would last another two years! He was last seen in Buster dated 7th October 1989.

No. Of Comic Strips in Preview Comic1
No. Of Comic Strips in Fortnightly16
No. Of Comic Strips in Holiday Special2
No. Of Comic Strips in Annual1

Total No. Of Comic Strips20

No. Of Pages in Preview Comic2
No. Of Pages in Fortnightly22
No. Of Pages in Holiday Special2
No. Of Pages in Annual2

Total No. Of Pages28

Nipper also appeared in other a few comic strips throught the title's short run.

Appearences in Flapper14
Appearences in Advertisements5
Appearences in Nipper's Register11
Appearences in Nipper Bitz11

Total No. Of Appearences Not In Own Strip41

Nipper Bitz was bascially the letter's page, where readers could send in letters, jokes and drawings to get printed in the comic!

Fun Fact! - Nipper always appeared with orange hair - except on the front covers of issue #10, #11 and #12, where he was blonde!

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